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Guidance for Show Management

The following rules must be followed for your show to carry NJHSA points,
and for those points to be counted:

  • Exhibitors wishing to join NJHSA on show day should be directed to NJHSA's on-line membership form.  Memberships must be received by midnight of show day to be effective as of that show.  Paper memberships are no longer accepted.

  • The fee for carrying NJHSA points is $100 per show.  Shows running over multiple days need only pay a single $100 fee.  No credit will be given for classes cancelled or not filled. If an entire show is cancelled, Management may apply to the NJHSA for credit toward a future show.

  • No points will be entered into the database until payment is received.

  • Applications 14 days in advance of a show are appreciated.  If you run a series, you may submit a single application for the entire series.  While we encourage you to pay in advance for the entire series, you may pay for your shows individually as long as payment is received 14 days in advance of the show date. Download an application form

  • All points must be submitted via e-mail in either USEF format or as an export from ShowPro software.  A USEF-compliant Excel template is available from the Point Secretary and as a download from the NJHSA website. Points shall be submitted to

  • The NJHSA Point Secretary should be included on the mailing list (electronic or hard copy) for your shows.

  • Points submitted in any format requiring manual input by the Point Secretary will result in a $50 fee being assessed to the show.  This fee must be paid before points will be entered.

  • Results from the Show Secretary must be sent to the NJHSA Point Secretary within TEN (10) days of the date of the show. 

  • Please note that all NJHSA classes and divisions must meet minimum specifications or the points will not be counted.  Please be sure that your prize list publishes the correct specifications.  Points from non-conforming classes or divisions will not be counted regardless of the name of the class or division.  This includes combinations of divisions that are not specifically permitted under NJHSA rules. 

  • Splitting classes or divisions is permitted as long as a minimum of three classes are held for each section.

  • Combining classes or divisions is not permitted except where specifically noted in the division specifications. 

  • NJHSA Classes/Divisions should be identified as such in the body of the prize list.  If any classes or divisions are marked in the prize list as recognized by the NJHSA the show will be expected to pay for such recognition.

  • A copy of the NJHSA High Score Specifications should be made available to the exhibitors of the show on the day of the show.

  • Any violation of the NJHSA High Score Awards Rules and Specifications will be considered the fault of the show management and NOT the NJHSA.

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