Rules and Specs

Download the current NJHSA Rules and Specifications

NJHSA recognizes the following divisions and classes:


Short Stirrup Hunter

Beginner Hunter

Low Children's Hunter

Children's Hunter

Low Adult Hunter

Adult Amateur Hunter

Hopeful Hunter

Schooling/Suitable Hunter

Pleasure Horse or Pony


Itty-Bitty Jumper - 0.7m (2’3”)

Low Preliminary Jumper - 0.8-0.85m
Preliminary Jumper - 0.9-0.95m
High Preliminary Jumper - 1.0-1.05

Children's / Adult Jumper (Zone 2 Specs)


Mini Stirrup Walk-Trot

Short Stirrup Equitation

Beginner Rider Equitation

 Low Children's Equitation

Junior Bronze Medal

Mini Maclay

Gold Medal

Low Adult Medal

Adult Medal


  • Minimum number of competitions - The rule regarding the minimum number of competitions required to earn a high score award has been clarified.

  • Method of calculating Trainer of the Year has been added to the rule book

  • Points for Children's Hunter, Adult Amateur Hunter, Child/Adult Jumper, and Gold Medal to be counted from all shows

  • The limit of 6 blue ribbon won for the Bronze Medal class has been removed.  In addition, Bronze medal may be combined with M&S Children's 3' Medal, or if Bronze Medal does not fill, points will be counted from the M&S Children's 3' Medal class.

  • Gold Medal may be combined with M&S 3'6" Junior Medal. In addition, if Gold Medal does not fill, points will be counted from the M&S 3'6" Junior Medal.

  • Jumper sections have been brought in line with NJPHA sections:

    • Low Preliminary - 0.8-0.85m - Former USEF Level 0

    • Preliminary - 0.9-0.95m - Former USEF Level 1

    • High Preliminary - 1.0-1.05​ - Former USEF Level 2-3