Rules and Specs

Download the current NJHSA Rules and Specifications

NJHSA recognizes the following divisions and classes:


Short Stirrup Hunter

Beginner Hunter

Low Children's Hunter

Children's Hunter

Low Adult Hunter

Adult Amateur Hunter

Hopeful Hunter

Schooling/Suitable Hunter

Pleasure Horse or Pony


Itty-Bitty Jumper - 0.7m (2’3”)

Low Preliminary Jumper - 0.8-0.85m
Preliminary Jumper - 0.9-0.95m
High Preliminary Jumper - 1.0-1.05

Children's / Adult Jumper (Zone 2 Specs)


Mini Stirrup Walk-Trot

Short Stirrup Equitation

Beginner Rider Equitation

 Low Children's Equitation

Junior Bronze Medal

Mini Maclay

Gold Medal

Low Adult Medal

Adult Medal


Please be aware of the following rule changes, effective December 1, 2020, for the 2021 show year:

  • Minimum number of competitions - The rule regarding the minimum number of competitions required to earn a high score award has been clarified.

  • Method of calculating Trainer of the Year has been added to the rule book

  • Points for Children's Hunter, Adult Amateur Hunter, Child/Adult Jumper, and Gold Medal to be counted from all shows

  • The limit of 6 blue ribbon won for the Bronze Medal class has been removed.  In addition, Bronze medal may be combined with M&S Children's 3' Medal, or if Bronze Medal does not fill, points will be counted from the M&S Children's 3' Medal class.

  • Gold Medal may be combined with M&S 3'6" Junior Medal. In addition, if Gold Medal does not fill, points will be counted from the M&S 3'6" Junior Medal.

  • Jumper sections have been brought in line with NJPHA sections:

    • Low Preliminary - 0.8-0.85m - Former USEF Level 0

    • Preliminary - 0.9-0.95m - Former USEF Level 1

    • High Preliminary - 1.0-1.05​ - Former USEF Level 2-3